Gluten-free foods are becoming increasingly popular, but humans are not the only ones who might be sensitive or allergic to the protein, found in grains such as wheat, oats and rye. Considering that wild canines consume mostly animal protein, it makes sense that kibble consisting primarily of grains and meat byproducts might cause problems.

While your pooch might display tummy troubles, much like a person suffering from gluten intolerance, there are other telltale signs, as well. If your dog is constantly scratching, has itchy bumps and oily skin, licks or bites his paws, tail or other body parts incessantly or suffers from frequent ear infections, it may be due to the gluten in his doggy dish.

There are a number of gluten-free and allergy-formula dog foods on the market. If you find that they are out of your budget or your pet simply refuses to eat them, you may want to try whipping up some homemade dog food. You can make a large batch rather inexpensively, and you can make enough at one time to last for a week. In addition, you get the benefit of knowing exactly what your dog is eating. Along with standard food, you can even make gluten-free dog treats so that your furry friend will not feel deprived.

Basic Dog Food

3 pounds ground meat
2 cups cooked brown rice
2 cups cooked vegetables, chopped
1 15-ounce can tomato sauce or pumpkin

Place ground meat into a Dutch oven or large pan and brown over medium heat. Most dogs do well with poultry, such as ground turkey or chicken, but you can also use ground beef, lamb or pork. You may wish to experiment to see which meats your dog tolerates best.

Once the meat is completely cooked and crumbled, mix in the brown rice, vegetables and tomato sauce or pumpkin. Chopped carrots and green beans are healthful and many dogs enjoy them, but you can try what you have on hand and see which veggies your dog likes. Avoid onions, as they can be toxic to dogs.

Stir the mixture and measure servings into baggies or containers. Keep a day’s worth in your refrigerator and freeze the rest. You may wish to heat the food to room temperature before serving, especially if your dog is averse to cold food.

Peanut Butter Buddies

1 cup natural peanut butter
1 large egg
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup natural applesauce

Preheat oven to 350F. Combine ingredients. Drop by spoonful onto parchment-lined or greased cookie sheet. Flatten with your thumb or a fork. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, until golden. Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

As you can see, feeding your dog homemade, gluten-free food and treats is not difficult to do. Please note that many veterinarians and other animal experts recommend giving dogs organ meat, such as liver, and raw, meaty bones regularly for improved health.

Before changing your dog’s diet, it is advisable to check with your vet to ensure that your dog does not have special health concerns.

Tourists from all over the world come to the beautiful capital city of Austria. Vienna is a city with both beauty and history for miles. People come here and they fall in love with the city, the people, and do not want to leave. If you are thinking about planning a trip, here are some reasons why you should come to Vienna.


            Vienna has so much history. It is the heart of Austria and the old buildings, homes, opera house, and atmosphere, in general, gives off great energy when you arrive. Vienna is one city that is beyond authentic. There are many famous people in history from Vienna, such as Sigmund Freud and Mozart. The baroque buildings are very extravagant and shine over the city. Mozart is usually playing at many of the coffee houses in the capital. The city is filled with a lot of culture and diversity as well.

One thing about Vienna, there are many places to shop. There are many bookstores in Vienna that are extremely eclectic. Children will love Vienna as well. There are many different attractions for the youngsters. These include an amusement park and a zoo. Most locals go to sleep early, however, Vienna does have a nice nightlife.

Months to Travel to Vienna

            Since Austria is in Europe, the climate may be a little different for some tourists. The best time to go to Vienna begins in April, until May. If that is not a good time for you, the second bests months are September to October. In the spring, Vienna has a very mild spring. During the fall, there are travelers, but it’s quite a wild mob. In June through August, Vienna is filled with travelers, and hotels are very expensive. In December, you may see a lot of tourists, due to the Christmas time experiences Vienna has to offer.

Saving Money

            Traveling from the United States to Vienna is already going to be costly, however, there are some ways you can save on your trip expenses. In Vienna, many locals rent out their houses to tourists. The homeowners make money and you save money. The prices of the rooms are much cheaper than that at the hotels. If you plan on staying awhile, the price is less expensive. Looking for a hotel outside of the capital is also a cheaper option. So, if you must drive fifteen minutes to the city, it could still save you a lot in the long run. In the spring, Vienna offers a card that allows you to get more bang for your buck. This card lets you experience Vienna’s best, eateries, shows, operas, public transport, and more for around $25.00.

Is It Safe?

            If you are concerned with your safety in the capital city, rest assured that you will be safe here. Considered one of the safest capital cities in Europe, Vienna takes pride in being one of the best in every aspect of life. Be aware of petty thieves, however, its quiet around here.


How many times have you heard yourself say it? I can’t fall asleep. It’s too hard. Sometimes I lay awake at night staring at the ceiling of my room, contemplating 100 different ideas that I want to use in my next post, but I have no motivation to get out of bed, whilst at the same time, I really can’t fall asleep.

So this is going to be my top ways to fall asleep that I’ve found.

i cant fall asleepMy first tip would be getting a sleep mask. A sleep mask can be a silky or even hypoallergenic material that covers your eyes and provides you with a high-quality sleep by blocking out light. Often times we don’t sleep is completely dark rooms and most of us have light getting in one way or another. By utilizing a sleep mask you allow yourself to block out all the light sources and make sure that you get full REM sleep cycles.

In a recent test by Buzzfeed, they found that sleeping with a weird schedule was totally possible and that some of their employees could sleep on as low as 3 hours of sleep a day. By adjusting their sleeping patterns and sleeping 8 times a day for just 15 minutes at a time, they were able to minimize their sleep and increase work output. This, however, is very dangerous in the long term and potentially give you a heart attack, so I wouldn’t recommend.

This video on youtube that I found literally gives you the tips on how to make yourself fall asleep instantly. I’m serious it has some seriously impressive scientifically backed tips that helped me fall asleep in just minutes. Honestly just watching the video with the calming music drove me to sleep and I struggled to get out of my chair afterward, so I would highly recommend watching that if you are struggling still.

BBiller is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology and is at its initial coin offering (ICO) stage. This project uses the Universal Business Language, while the standards of the company are interchangeable with global established businesses.

About BBiller

The distinguishing feature of this project is its supply channel documentation, which uses BBiller tokens to send documents through the blockchain technology of Ethereum. Users have the option to configure different orders with a particular ID for the product so that it can help them track their payment history.

Moreover, this platform has a unique encrypted design through which all users can share data. For example, a designer may earn royalty payments by sharing their data on the platform. The platform is also a great source for materials or services that can be operated through the use of smart contracts.

Whoever works on this system automatically becomes part of the ICO and this project is crowdfunded, working with the supply chain in order to create a decentralized and autonomous DAO. Users can guide and operate the DAO as they wish by controlling how their products are distributed. They can even work with the deployment of their products. In fact, BBiller gives its participants the option to allocate and distribute funds, something that we think is new and innovative, so congratulations to BBiller ICO.

Information About the ICO

  • Goal for fundraising: $111,000,000
  • ICO sale date: 30th September 2018

How Does This Platform Help?

It is important for companies and businesses to make sure their information and data is protected from insider threats and breaches. Lack of security can cause a business to lose important documents within minutes, so a platform is needed to safely store the company’s information or data. BBiller allows its users to send and receive documents that are encrypted so that this safety can be guaranteed.

BBiller ICO

With the advancement in technology, most databases are cloud-based, which makes it difficult to keep data protected. This is where BBiller comes in to provide data protection.

This platform also allows users to decide how to allocate their funds for development and new business operations. It also makes it easy for companies to control the billing and finance of their business while keeping their data safe from breaches through the blockchain technology of this system.

If you are looking for a perfect gaming chair and confused to select out form the available products. The V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair is the best option for you to go with. It is the most reliable product and it is worth the amount that you are investing in this very product. To see the very best gaming chairs being released like the VRocker then check out


V Rocker Video Gaming ChairThis chair is particularly dedicated for the gaming purposes. It is specially designed to enhance your gaming experience as well as provide you the required comfort. The color given to this chair is black with little touch-ups of grey in it. It is meant to be operated without any kind of wore used in it. This chair particularly uses the V Rocker Interactive sound that can be easily felt while you are sitting on it. It provides you, two front-facing speakers. These speakers are known to have the powerful subwoofers. It is able to provide you the audio transmission wirelessly and also has the headphone jack included as well. There is a side control panel provided along with this chair. This panel enables you to have a control over the input and output jacks, Bass control as well as the volume control. This chair is meant to offer you the complete back support because of its unique and ergonomic design.


  • This chair is able to provide you the reliable and durable services.
  • It can be easily adjusted according to your requirements because of its flexible nature.
  • It offers you the complete back support as well as the required safety features.
  • This chair is suitable according to most of your gaming styles.
  • It is portable in nature and can be easily stored even in the small storage areas.
  • The chair is designed according to the ergonomic design.
  • It also offers you the advantage of tilting and swiveling rotation.


  • The side handles of this chair are missing and can be a major setback.
  • The headrest is only comfortable for short people.
  • The power supply cable for this chair is a little bit short.


The V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair is the best every chair that you will get for your gaming purposes. This chair is able to accurately cope up with different gaming styles that you have. This gaming chair surely is a must-have for all the gaming enthusiasts.

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