Month: August 2018

How many times have you heard yourself say it? I can’t fall asleep. It’s too hard. Sometimes I lay awake at night staring at the ceiling of my room, contemplating 100 different ideas that I want to use in my next post, but I have no motivation to get out of bed, whilst at the same time, I really can’t fall asleep.

So this is going to be my top ways to fall asleep that I’ve found.

i cant fall asleepMy first tip would be getting a sleep mask. A sleep mask can be a silky or even hypoallergenic material that covers your eyes and provides you with a high-quality sleep by blocking out light. Often times we don’t sleep is completely dark rooms and most of us have light getting in one way or another. By utilizing a sleep mask you allow yourself to block out all the light sources and make sure that you get full REM sleep cycles.

In a recent test by Buzzfeed, they found that sleeping with a weird schedule was totally possible and that some of their employees could sleep on as low as 3 hours of sleep a day. By adjusting their sleeping patterns and sleeping 8 times a day for just 15 minutes at a time, they were able to minimize their sleep and increase work output. This, however, is very dangerous in the long term and potentially give you a heart attack, so I wouldn’t recommend.

This video on youtube that I found literally gives you the tips on how to make yourself fall asleep instantly. I’m serious it has some seriously impressive scientifically backed tips that helped me fall asleep in just minutes. Honestly just watching the video with the calming music drove me to sleep and I struggled to get out of my chair afterward, so I would highly recommend watching that if you are struggling still.