Month: December 2018

Tourists from all over the world come to the beautiful capital city of Austria. Vienna is a city with both beauty and history for miles. People come here and they fall in love with the city, the people, and do not want to leave. If you are thinking about planning a trip, here are some reasons why you should come to Vienna.


            Vienna has so much history. It is the heart of Austria and the old buildings, homes, opera house, and atmosphere, in general, gives off great energy when you arrive. Vienna is one city that is beyond authentic. There are many famous people in history from Vienna, such as Sigmund Freud and Mozart. The baroque buildings are very extravagant and shine over the city. Mozart is usually playing at many of the coffee houses in the capital. The city is filled with a lot of culture and diversity as well.

One thing about Vienna, there are many places to shop. There are many bookstores in Vienna that are extremely eclectic. Children will love Vienna as well. There are many different attractions for the youngsters. These include an amusement park and a zoo. Most locals go to sleep early, however, Vienna does have a nice nightlife.

Months to Travel to Vienna

            Since Austria is in Europe, the climate may be a little different for some tourists. The best time to go to Vienna begins in April, until May. If that is not a good time for you, the second bests months are September to October. In the spring, Vienna has a very mild spring. During the fall, there are travelers, but it’s quite a wild mob. In June through August, Vienna is filled with travelers, and hotels are very expensive. In December, you may see a lot of tourists, due to the Christmas time experiences Vienna has to offer.

Saving Money

            Traveling from the United States to Vienna is already going to be costly, however, there are some ways you can save on your trip expenses. In Vienna, many locals rent out their houses to tourists. The homeowners make money and you save money. The prices of the rooms are much cheaper than that at the hotels. If you plan on staying awhile, the price is less expensive. Looking for a hotel outside of the capital is also a cheaper option. So, if you must drive fifteen minutes to the city, it could still save you a lot in the long run. In the spring, Vienna offers a card that allows you to get more bang for your buck. This card lets you experience Vienna’s best, eateries, shows, operas, public transport, and more for around $25.00.

Is It Safe?

            If you are concerned with your safety in the capital city, rest assured that you will be safe here. Considered one of the safest capital cities in Europe, Vienna takes pride in being one of the best in every aspect of life. Be aware of petty thieves, however, its quiet around here.