BBiller ICO Review

BBiller is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology and is at its initial coin offering (ICO) stage. This project uses the Universal Business Language, while the standards of the company are interchangeable with global established businesses.

About BBiller

The distinguishing feature of this project is its supply channel documentation, which uses BBiller tokens to send documents through the blockchain technology of Ethereum. Users have the option to configure different orders with a particular ID for the product so that it can help them track their payment history.

Moreover, this platform has a unique encrypted design through which all users can share data. For example, a designer may earn royalty payments by sharing their data on the platform. The platform is also a great source for materials or services that can be operated through the use of smart contracts.

Whoever works on this system automatically becomes part of the ICO and this project is crowdfunded, working with the supply chain in order to create a decentralized and autonomous DAO. Users can guide and operate the DAO as they wish by controlling how their products are distributed. They can even work with the deployment of their products. In fact, BBiller gives its participants the option to allocate and distribute funds, something that we think is new and innovative, so congratulations to BBiller ICO.

Information About the ICO

  • Goal for fundraising: $111,000,000
  • ICO sale date: 30th September 2018

How Does This Platform Help?

It is important for companies and businesses to make sure their information and data is protected from insider threats and breaches. Lack of security can cause a business to lose important documents within minutes, so a platform is needed to safely store the company’s information or data. BBiller allows its users to send and receive documents that are encrypted so that this safety can be guaranteed.

BBiller ICO

With the advancement in technology, most databases are cloud-based, which makes it difficult to keep data protected. This is where BBiller comes in to provide data protection.

This platform also allows users to decide how to allocate their funds for development and new business operations. It also makes it easy for companies to control the billing and finance of their business while keeping their data safe from breaches through the blockchain technology of this system.

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