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If you are looking for a perfect gaming chair and confused to select out form the available products. The V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair is the best option for you to go with. It is the most reliable product and it is worth the amount that you are investing in this very product. To see the very best gaming chairs being released like the VRocker then check out


V Rocker Video Gaming ChairThis chair is particularly dedicated for the gaming purposes. It is specially designed to enhance your gaming experience as well as provide you the required comfort. The color given to this chair is black with little touch-ups of grey in it. It is meant to be operated without any kind of wore used in it. This chair particularly uses the V Rocker Interactive sound that can be easily felt while you are sitting on it. It provides you, two front-facing speakers. These speakers are known to have the powerful subwoofers. It is able to provide you the audio transmission wirelessly and also has the headphone jack included as well. There is a side control panel provided along with this chair. This panel enables you to have a control over the input and output jacks, Bass control as well as the volume control. This chair is meant to offer you the complete back support because of its unique and ergonomic design.


  • This chair is able to provide you the reliable and durable services.
  • It can be easily adjusted according to your requirements because of its flexible nature.
  • It offers you the complete back support as well as the required safety features.
  • This chair is suitable according to most of your gaming styles.
  • It is portable in nature and can be easily stored even in the small storage areas.
  • The chair is designed according to the ergonomic design.
  • It also offers you the advantage of tilting and swiveling rotation.


  • The side handles of this chair are missing and can be a major setback.
  • The headrest is only comfortable for short people.
  • The power supply cable for this chair is a little bit short.


The V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair is the best every chair that you will get for your gaming purposes. This chair is able to accurately cope up with different gaming styles that you have. This gaming chair surely is a must-have for all the gaming enthusiasts.